About Us

PT Games, Inc. PT Games, Inc. was founded by Peter Donis and Tim Plum. Both of the founders have more than 30 years of experience with fantasy roleplaying games--mainly, though not exclusively, with D&D.

Peter Donis

The designer of The Continent of Terra™ setting, which in its original home-brewed form has seen 30 years of play through three (and a half) editions of D&D (four if you count the old Basic Set with the dragon on the cover, which was where it all started). Prior to the latest edition change, he contributed both priest and wizard spells from the world of Terra to the D&D Downloads web page. When the d20 system became available, he authored several spells which were included in Relics & Rituals.

Tim Plum

The designer of The Dark Continent™ setting, based in the same world as The Continent of Terra™; in its original form it was added to expand the horizons of the home-brewed campaign a few years after it began. In addition to designing the setting, he has also been primarily responsible for getting PT Games' products playtested and publicized.

Other Credits

Cover and interior artwork for Goblin Cave and Ruined Keep: Garry McKee (Goblin Cave artwork courtesy of Fantages Studios).

PT Games logo, The Continent of Terra™ and The Dark Continent™ logos, and PT Games banner ad: Alan Riggleman.