The Dark Continent

The Dark Continent The original inhabitants of the largest continent in the world were barbarian tribes, who ranged over the vast expanse of land for many generations. They had no single leader and no real society until Allyn Tellean, the first known ruler of that dynasty, brought together the barbarian hordes and the elves who had appeared in their lands suddenly and tried to carve out their own settlements.

Under the Tellean rulership, civilization began to grow on the Dark Continent. When fell creatures invaded the new kingdom from the Dark Lands to the east, the humans and elves allied with dwarves from the Barrier Mountains and drove back the onslaught. After this war, the three races enjoyed peace and prosperity for many years.

As time passed, however, the deep differences between the races became apparent. Generations of humans aged and died while the same elves who had fought in the war lived on; and even when they grew old (or said they did, for no human or dwarf could ever see any change in their appearance), they did not die, but "departed" somewhere that other races could not follow. In response to the growing distrust of humans, the elves retreated from the central lands of the Dark Continent, into the forests, or further afield to other continents altogether (though this was not suspected by humans for a long time). And the dwarves, not as long-lived as elves although their lifespans were still several times those of humans, disdained life above ground and returned to their deep delvings in the mountains, leaving humans alone to deal with new incursions of evil from the Dark Lands.

In the year which would come to be known in the Dark Continent as well as Terra as AW (After the Wars) 988, the young son of the current king sailed halfway around the world to Terra to seek his fortune. His father had only recently learned of the existence of another continent (although he suspected that the wizard who informed him had far greater knowledge that he was not revealing), and the hints he had of powerful heroes residing there led him to hope that he might find allies who could help protect his kingdom from the Dark Lands.

This hope proved well-founded, although the king did not live to see it; well before the next great incursion from the Dark Lands came he died, and his son returned from Terra to take the throne. By this time he had become a Knight of Paleon, a close friend of the Rulers of both Paleon and Nordonu, and a renowned hero throughout the western kingdoms. Some of the friends he had made in Terra came to the Dark Continent to help him, and none too soon, for not long after the Great War in Terra a huge army poured forth from the Dark Lands and swept over the continent much as the barbarian hordes had centuries before--but bringing destruction and death instead of a new way of life.

In the end all of the might of the gathered heroes and the armies of the Dark Continent were not enough, and as a last resort a powerful grey elf wizard, one of the friends the King had brought from Terra, read an incantation from an ancient Stone Tablet, an artifact of great magical power. The magic that was released decimated the invaders, but it also caused massive earthquakes that separated the Dark Lands from the rest of the continent. Over the next few years, it became apparent that the magic had made the entire continent unstable, and a massive movement of refugees was organized to the central plain around the capital of Bombar, which was the only area that appeared to be safe. In the end much of the Dark Continent sank into the ocean, and only the fact that the kingdom was so sparsely settled (due to the difficult conditions of life between the evil invasions and the general unsuitableness of the land for farming) prevented the cataclysm from ending millions upon millions of lives.

Now, as the people of the Dark Continent struggle to rebuild their kingdom and way of life, evil is rising in the Dark Lands again, and this time it is apparent that the evil is not limited to this continent alone. The only hope is for good folk of both realms, the Dark Continent and the Western Kingdoms, to come together against the threat; but the people of the Dark Continent put little faith in aid from Terra, seeing what came of that the last time. Somehow a way must be found to stop the evil before it is too late, and for that you need heroes. Which means that there are fortunes to be made, and legends to be born.